Passenger Information
1.Catering Services 

The fare you have purchased does not contain a catering component.No complimentary food services will be provided unless you have booked a SpringPlus fare; however a range of food and beverages will be available for purchase from our cabin crew during the flight. We request that passengers refrain from eating their own food onboard the aircraft and help maintain tidiness inside the cabin. 

2.Cancellation and Delayed Flights

2.1  We will endeavor to avoid any flight delays or cancellations. In the event that a flight is delayed for 4 hours or above beyond 22:00 or later local time with no rescheduled flight available to carry passengers, Spring Airlines will accommodate all passengers in a standard hotel room with lavatory free of charge.

2.2  Except for the above mentioned situations, Spring will be unable to provide free accommodation or any other compensation. Spring will endeavor to provide the latest flight information and help passengers find accommodation in emergencies, but any cost shall be borne by the passenger involved.

2.3  If Spring Airlines cancels a flight or delays for more than 3 hours (inclusive), passengers other than those in a package tour group are entitled without additional cost to be transferred to the next Spring Airlines flight (subject to seat availability) or to process an involuntary refund. For refund requests at the original place of departure, the full fare amount actually paid shall be refunded. For refund requests at a stopover, the respective value of any unused flight segment/s shall be refunded and shall not exceed the actual paid fare. In these situations, refund fees shall not apply. Please note that payments processed using international credit cards may need up to 2-3 months before refunds can be processed onto the same card.

2.4  Please understand that except for the above mentioned situations, we are unable to provide accommodation or any other compensation.We urge you to make reasonable travel arrangements that allow sufficient time to connect flights.

3.Refusal and Limitation on Carriage

3.1  Special Passengers (including VIPs, unaccompanied children, aged person, pregnant women, infants, sight- or hearing-impaired passengers, intoxicated passengers, criminal or suspects, confidential secretaries, diplomatic couriers, passengers requiring extra seats for his/her person or Baggage, secret passengers, stretchered persons, disabled and sick passengers, and any other passenger who requires special assistance) shall be subject to prior approval and arrangement with Spring Airlines. Out of consideration for the safety of Special Passengers and other passengers onboard the flight, Spring Airlines requires Special Passengers to provide appropriate documentation detailing their circumstances and to process the correct paperwork for transit of Special Passengers. Spring Airlines reserves the right to refuse carriage should you or any designated agent purchasing tickets on your behalf fail to abide by these regulations, and the passenger shall remain liable for the consequences of any such decision.

3.2  We invite you to raise suggestions on how we can improve our standards. If you have any concerns or disputes concerning service standards, please let us know through official channels. Spring Airlines is unable to provide service to any passengers disrupting regular safe cabin operations and counter services, or otherwise demonstrating violent or otherwise unacceptable behavior.

4.Special Rules For Baggage Carriage

4.1  Your baggage allowance is determined by the class of fare you purchase. Spring Airlines offers a broad range of fares to help you customize your travel experience and choose the right product for you. (Please note there is no free baggage allowance for infants).The charge for excess baggage is calculated as follows: 1.5% of the highest published economy class fare per kilogram. 

4.2  Each passenger is allowed to take only one unchecked baggage into the cabin. The volume of the article should not be more than 20cm×30cm×40cm, with a total weight not exceeding 7 kg. Oversized or overweight hand luggage must be stored in the hold. If the passenger refuses to accept these conditions we reserve the right to refuse carriage.

4.3  “Online check-in” does not include stowing of baggage. If you check into your flight online and require baggage checked-in, please report to the Spring Airlines counter at the airport at least 60 minutes prior to flight departure. Please do not attempt to carry any oversized or overweight baggage aboard the plane; otherwise you may be stopped at the departure gate and asked to check-in such baggage items (including payment of any necessary fees). Spring Airlines shall not be responsible for the carriage of any items checked-in at the departure gate.

4.4  Please do not put contraband, valuables, cash, important documents and/or fragile items in your checked baggage. Please do not carry a large amount of cash onboard the aircraft. Passengers are solely responsible for the safety and/or loss of their possessions onboard the aircraft. Please also note that due to storage restrictions on some aircraft, Spring Airlines is no longer able to carry small animals and pets on any domestic, regional or international flight.

5.Carriage of Dangerous Goods

For a complete list of Dangerous Goods prohibited or accepted for carriage by Spring Airlines, please refer to our comprehensive list of Regulations governing carriage of Dangerous Goods.

6.Infants and Children

6.1  When an adult is accompanied by more than one (1) infant, a child ticket must be purchased for every subsequent infant and an independent seat allocated.

6.2  When an adult is accompanied by more than two (2) children, procedures for Unaccompanied Minors must be followed for every subsequent child.

7.Transfer flights

When booking connecting flights with Spring, please allow 2 hours for connections between domestic flights made within the same airport (NB: due to stricter security procedures for domestic flights we suggest 3 hours) and 3 hours for domestic flights connecting on to international or regional flights from within the same airport. For connections between different airports in the same city, we suggest you allow a minimum of 5 hours.

8.Ticket Pricing

Please pay careful attention to all rules governing the ticket class you have purchased, especially articles relating to refunding, changing or transferring tickets. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our Customer Service Hotline: (+8621) 95524.

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