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Notice Regarding Adjustments to Free Baggage Allowances for One-way Routes from Seoul to Shijiazhuang and Jeju to Yangzhou

Dear Passengers:


The free baggage allowance for one-way flights from Seoul to Shijiazhuang or Jeju to Yangzhou will be increased to a total of 23KG for Website Exclusive customers, and 30KG for SpringPlus customers.


The allowance is a combination for checked and carry-on baggage. Be noted the carry-on shall be only 1 item weighing no more than 5 kg, and no larger than 20cm×30cm×40 cm in size, which can be taken into the passenger cabin.


This is our policy extension of existing preferential offer. Spring Airlines will issue another notice detailing changes to this favorable term when it fits.

We apologize for any inconvenience may be caused.


This English translation of official notice in Chinese is for reference only and in case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall control.


Spring Airlines Co., Ltd.

July 5, 2018