Seat selection & priority boarding

Spring Airlines Seat Selection

In an effort to provide our customers with better and more personalized service, Spring Airlines website now offers Online Seat Selection. Enjoy the convenience of choosing your favourite seat when you purchase online!

Online Seat Selection is currently unavailable on Spring connecting flights.

1. Seat Selection is only available with online bookings completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

2. Change to or cancellation of Seat Selection can be made at any stage of the booking process prior to payment. After payment online changes are no longer permitted.

3. In the event of a passenger changing his flight, he/she will be allocated the same seat if it is available free of charge. However, should that seat not be available there will be no refund of the seat selection charge. Our staff will however assist passengers to book emergency exit seat (if safety requirements satisified), or offer equivalent in-flight service or products.

4. Ticket changes may result in a change of seat. Any additional charges will only be calculated according to ticket price. There will be no additional charge for a further change of seat.

5. Seat Options and Charges:

Seat type Details
VIP Seat Enjoy a massive 39” of legroom
Space Seat More legroom, greater comfort
Hot Seats Easy seat access
Party Seats Sit with friends and family

Choose a seat
Stretch out on the plane in the seat of your choice

Status Seating Guide VIP Shuttle
VIP seats

Front row seats, giving you extra room to stretch out
Sit together with friends

Arrive in style & skip airport
queues with our VIP shuttle!

Your seat
Hot seats

Easy seat access
Sit together with friends

Party seats

Sit together with friends

Spring Airlines Priority Boarding

1. Spring Airlines priority boarding service is only available for passengers who have purchased seats in rows 2 – 11 & 14-30. For more info on how to book Seat Selection, please see below

2. Priority boarding is only available on select Spring Airlines flights (viz. all flights departing Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong). Please take care when making your selection.

3. Priority boarding is not available for infant or SpringPlus bookings.

4. Passengers who have purchased priority boarding must retrieve a priority boarding pass from the check-in counter during check-in.

5. Please listen attentively for any airport announcements regarding Spring Airlines priority boarding service. If you miss the airport announcement, you are still able to show your priority boarding pass to the Spring Airlines staff at the departure gate, and priority boarding arrangements shall be made.

6. Priority boarding may not be independently refunded and may only be refunded alongside a ticket refund.

7. Priority boarding may only be purchased more than 24 hours prior to flight departure.

8. An official receipt (or fapiao) for priority boarding may be obtained at the check-in counter.

9. For those passengers who have previously purchased a seat in rows 2 -11 & 14-30 and who wish to upgrade later on to Spring Airlines priority boarding service, please navigate to ‘My Order’ and click on ‘What else can I do?’ to purchase priority boarding. If a passenger has not previously purchased a seat in rows 2 – 11 & 14-30, a seat in these rows must first be purchased from ‘My Order’ > ‘What else can I do?’ before priority boarding service is able to be purchased.