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Notice of Use Instructions of PED Aboard Aircraft of Spring Airlines

Dear passengers,

From 6:00am of Jan 21, 2018, you can use mobile phone, Pad, laptop, e-book reader and other electronic devices aboard aircraft of Spring Airlines under the conditions of Use Instructions of Portable Electronic DevicesPED Aboard Aircraft of Spring Airlines. And the details are as below:

I. Definition

1.      Portable Electronic Device (called PED for short): in general, it refers to handheld electronic devices powered by electricity which can be carried with person, such as laptop, tablets, mobile phones, video player, electronic game, and etc.

2.      Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (called T-PED for short): PED which can transmit radio signals, it includes but not limited to: turn on cellular communication, radio frequency network, or other wireless PED.

3.      Non-transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (called N-PED for short): PED without radio transmission; or the radio transmitter in PED has been turned off.

II. During flight (start with taxiing in runway for beginning flight, until taxi out to finish the flight), cellular communication (voice message and data) and WIFI are prohibited.

III. Flight phase during which PED can/can’t be used and categories/size of its devices

1.        PEDs prohibited in flight include but not limited to: 1Mobile phone without airplane mode (devices which only has cellular communication (voice message and data), including watch that can be functioned as mobile phone); 2Intercom;3Tele-command devices (tele-command toy and its electronic devices of tele-command);

2.        During crucial flight phases (taxiing, takeoff, landing and other crucial flight phases), large PED with the sum of its length, width, and height larger than 31 cm is prohibited.(such as laptop, PAD, etc.), while it can be used in cruise phase.

3.        Small PED of which the sum of length, width and height is smaller than 31cm (inclusive) (such as e-book, mobile phone, etc.) can be used during the whole flight, however, accessories can’t be connected (e.g. earphones, cables). This kind of PED includes but not limited to: (1) Mobile phone with airplane mode (smart phone); (2) E-book; (3) Video/Audio player; (4) Electronic game.

4.        Electronic devices which can be used during the whole flight include but not limited to: (1) Portable recorder; (2) Audiphones; (3) Cardiac pacemaker; (4) Electric shaver; (5) Electronic equipment (devices) which are used for life support without influence on navigation and communication system

IV. Requirements for PED stowage, preservation

1.        Large PED (such as laptop, PAD etc.) shall be safely stowed, so that won’t become hazard during turbulence, shock or emergency evacuation;

2.        PED in carry-on baggage or on the rack shall be powered off;

3.        Lithium power bank is prohibited during the whole flight.

V. Under special situations, passengers shall abide by the crew orders, and if any person refuses the order, Spring Airlines has right to transfer him/her to ground police as per relevant laws and regulations.


Spring Airlines

Jan 20th2018