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SPRING JAPAN operated flights

You can select a seat for a fee: window, aisle, or next to your family or friends.

Please note that you can select a seat at the airport counter if available, but the fee is different from the fee you pay online or through our Call Center.

Seat Type, Features and Fees

Currency: Japanese Yen/Chinese Yuan (tax included)

Seat row

Seat name

Purchase location

Seat features

Online/Call Center

Airport counter

First row

Comfort Seat

JPY2,200 / CNY120

JPY2,700 / CNY170

  1. Offers the most legroom

  2. Speedy boarding and disembarkation

  3. Sheet pitch approx. 84 cm

Baggage cannot be placed at your feet

The armrest won't lift.

Rows 2- 3

Legroom Seat

JPY1,200 / CNY80

JPY1,600 / CNY100

  1. Offers extra legroom

  2. Speedy boarding and disembarkation

  3. Seat pitch approx. 84 cm

Rows 16-17

Exit Row Seat

JPY1,200 / CNY80

JPY1,600 / CNY100

  1. Offers extra legroom because it is an exit seat

  2. Please check the restrictions applicable to passengers seated in exit row seats.

Baggage cannot be stowed under the seat in front of you

Seats in Row 16 don’t recline.

Row 5 -15

Rows 18 - 33

Standard Seat

JPY600 / CNY40

JPY800 / CNY50

  1. Easy seating for families and groups

Seat 13A has no window.

Seats in Row 15 don’t recline.


Advance Seat Selection Terms and Conditions

  1. Seat reservations can be purchased only once in advance online or through our Call Center up to six hours prior to departure. Purchases through our Call Center must be made during business hours.

  2. We only accept credit cards for online payments.

  3. For online purchases the same currency as at the time of ticket purchase will be applied. For purchases through our Call Center the currency of the country of your departure airport will be applied.

  4. Seating reservations are valid only for the flight booked.

  5. After paying the advance seat assignment fee (in the case of Spring Plus, after the first free seat assignment), seat changes cannot be made on the same flight. Also, if you change your reservation, the specified seat will not be transferred, so please pay the advance seat assignment fee again to specify your seat.

  6. Seat selectionfees are non-refundable. Even if you change your flight, your original seat selectionfee will not be refunded.

  7. Seat selection is subject to availability.

  8. Customers who need assistance are requested to contact our Call Center, rather than booking online.

  9. If the schedule is changed due to cancellation or other unavoidable circumstances, the seat may be changed without notice.

Restrictions for passengers sitting in exit row seats.

For your safety, only passengers who meet all the following requirements can be seated in an exit row seat.

If we need to make an emergency evacuation, we will ask for your assistance under the cabin attendants' instructions.

  1. Be at least 15 years old

  2. Not traveling with children under the age of 12 years

  3. Do not need the assistance of a travel companion or staff when boarding

  4. Do not need to assist a travel companion in an emergency evacuation

  5. Can open and close emergency exits and assist other passengers in an emergency evacuation

  6. Understands evacuation instructions and the crew’s instructions and can verbally communicate them to other passengers

  7. Can converse in Japanese, English or Chinese

If you do not meet the requirements, we will change your seat. Please note that in this case, the seat selectionfee is non-refundable.

Expectant mothers are not permitted to sit in an exit row seat.

Additional passenger seats

  1. This service allows one passenger to use 2 to 3 seats.

  2. Two seats next to your booked seat can be reserved.

  3. Book through our Call Center.

  4. Precautions for Use

    • Armrests in the first row do not rise so they are not available for purchase.

    • Fees are non-refundable.

    • The purchased additional seats cannot be used during take-off and landing or when the seatbelt sign is turned on.

    • You cannot use a child seat on the purchased additional seats.

    • Please be seated according to the cabin attendant's instructions.

  5. For additional baggage seats, see Checked Baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When can I reserve a seat?

A. Seats can be booked when booking a flight. Please see Ticket Reservation for details.

Q2. Can I get a refund on my seat selectionfee?

A. Seat selectionfees are non-refundable.

Q3. If I change my flight reservation, can I also change my booked seat at no fee?

A. Regardless of whether you have paid a fee for a booked seat, a new seat reservation fee must be paid separately. Even if you pay the difference, we cannot change your seat from the one you booked previously.

Q4. I made a reservation separately from my travel companion. Can I select seats allat once?

A. If you have different reservation numbers, you cannot select seats at all at once. You need to select a seat from each reservation confirmation screen. Depending on when you book you and your travel companion book a seat, you might not be able to select seats next to each other. We would appreciate your understanding.

Q5. There is no seat available next to my travel companion on the seat selection screen. Could you book seats next to each other?

A. If there are no adjacent seats available on the seat selection screen, it is not possible to book seats next to each other. As booking status constantly changes, you might be able to select your desired seat, so please check the seat selection screen again.