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Excess Baggage



SPRING JAPAN operated flights

Any baggage that exceeds your checked baggage allowance will carry an additional baggage fee.

For details, see the Additional Baggage Fee Table below.

Additional Baggage Fee (for general baggage)


Online/ Call Center

Airport counter

Boarding gate

Pre-purchase deadline

Up to 2 hours prior to departure

Day of departure

Day of departure

Number of times

Only once

No limit

No limit

Currency: Japanese Yen/Chinese Yuan (tax included)


Online/Call Center

Airport counter

Boarding gate

Up to 5 kg

JPY2,500 / CNY150

JPY5,000 / CNY300

JPY6,000 / CNY360

Up to 10 kg

JPY4,500 / CNY270

JPY9,000 / CNY540

JPY10,000 / CNY600

Up to 15 kg

JPY6,500 / CNY390

JPY13,000 / CNY780

JPY14,000 / CNY840

Up to 20 kg

JPY8,000 / CNY480

JPY16,000 / CNY960

JPY17,000 / CNY1,020

Up to 25 kg

JPY9,000 / CNY540

JPY18,000 / CNY1,080

JPY19,000 / CNY1,140

Up to 30 kg

JPY10,000 / CNY600

JPY20,000 / CNY1,200

JPY21,000 / CNY1,260

More than 30 kg (for every 1 kg)

Pre-purchase not permitted

JPY1,500 / CNY90

JPY1,500 / CNY90

Additional Baggage Fees for Oversize Baggage and Sports Equipment

The following fees apply to oversize baggage and sports equipment.

We only accept payments at the airport counter.

Currency: Japanese Yen/Chinese Yuan (tax included)


Purchase location

Online/Call Center

Airport counter

Oversize baggage (1)

※Sum of 3 sides exceeds 203 cm

Pre-purchase not permitted

JPY8,000 / CNY500

Golf equipment (1 set)

Pre-purchase not permitted

JPY4,000 / CNY250

Diving gear (1 set)

Skis (1 pair)

Snowboard (1)

Surfboard (1)

Pre-purchase not permitted

JPY8,000 / CNY500

Bicycle (1)

Terms and Conditions for Pre-Purchase Additional Baggage Allowance

  1. Additional baggage allowance can be purchased only once in advance online or through our Call Center up to two hours prior to departure. Purchases through our Call Center must be made during business hours.

  2. We only accept credit cards for online payments.

  3. For online purchases, the same currency at the time of ticket purchase will be applied. For purchases through our Call Center, the currency of the country of your departure airport will be applied.

  4. Discounted rates apply to online purchases or purchases through our Call Center. Please note that for oversize baggage and sports equipment, you cannot apply online or through our Call Center.

  5. Additional baggage fees are non-refundable.

  6. Oversize baggage (sum of 3 dimensions exceeding 203 cm and certain sports equipment are not included in the checked baggage allowance. If you exceed this allowance, a separate fee will apply. For details, see the Additional Baggage Fee Table for Oversize Baggage and Sports Equipment.

  7. Golf equipment is charged as golf equipment regardless of the contents of the golf bag, the number of clubs and packaging conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When should I check in excess baggage?

A. You must check in excess baggage at least two hours before the scheduled departure time, otherwise you cannot check it in. Please ask at the airport counter. Fees at the airport counter are different from that online or through our Call Center. For details, see the Additional Baggage Fee Table.

Q2. Can I use any unused portion of my additional baggage fee to cover the additional baggage fee of a travel companion?

A. No, the unused portion of your additional baggage fee cannot be used by any other person, even a travel companion.

Q3. Is there a 4,000-yen bicycle fee for children's bicycles, too?

A. Yes, this 4,000-yen bicycle fee also applies to children's bicycles.